Words That Move Online Workshop

Words That Move Online Workshop


A writing and self-discovery course for writers of all levels. 

The next course will be offered in Fall of 2019. 

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Words That Move is a 4-week online course I created to help writers refine their voices, ignite their creativity and deeply connect with their ideal audience. Each week you'll receive a PDF workbook, an audio lecture and writing exercises to be completed with the option to share in a private group forum.  There are also weekly live Q&A sessions and bonus materials and resources provided.

This course is for: 

+  Writers of all levels who want to clarify their voice, message and delivery.

+ Writers who feel blocked and have lost confidence in their writing.

+  Anyone who wants to find a deeper level of self-expression, creative courage and confidence through writing.

+ Anyone who wants to inspire, influence and testify with their words.

+  Bloggers who want to write with more heart, soul and vulnerability without sacrificing strategy.

+ Writers who blog and want to build a platform for their work.

+  Writers, journalers and diarists who feel creatively isolated and want to build and connect with other writers.

+  Creatives and business owners who want to improve their storytelling skills to emotionally connect with their audience.

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