Words That Heal Self-Study Course

Words That Heal Self-Study Course

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A writing and self-discovery course.  This is the self-study version and does not include access to the private blog.  Sign up here to be notified when the next interactive session is offered. 

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Words That Heal is a 4-week online course I created to guide you through the discovery process of writing for truth, meaning and transformation.  The self-study course consists of video lectures and four writing workbooks to be completed at your own pace.

Course Objectives:

+  Learn specific techniques that you can rely on again and again to write your truth, change your story, and transform your life

+  Alleviate the stress of guilt, shame and self-loathing by exploring the complicated feelings that live behind difficult experiences in your life

+  Increase your confidence and capacity to be authentic, vulnerable, and honest about what's meaningful to you in everyday life

+ Effectively incorporate writing into your self-care process and develop a personal writing plan to which you can commit

+ Learn how to co-create and write your dreams, purpose and passions into existence

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