Words That Move Writing Workshop






Weekly PDF workbooks, audio summaries, office hours for live Q & A and private blog for writing assignments and feedback





+  Writers of all levels who want to clarify their voice, message and delivery.

+  Anyone who wants to find a deeper level of self-expression, creative courage and confidence through writing.

+  Bloggers who want to write with more heart, soul and vulnerability without sacrificing strategy.

+  Writers, journalers and diarists who feel creatively isolated and want to build and connect with other writers.

+  Creatives and business owners who want to improve their storytelling skills to emotionally connect with their audience.

 On and offline, I live my dream of bringing women together to have meaningful discussions and connect through writing.  I believe that self-discovery and creativity go hand in hand.  Find out more about my background here.    

On and offline, I live my dream of bringing women together to have meaningful discussions and connect through writing.  I believe that self-discovery and creativity go hand in hand. Find out more about my background here.   


"The Words that Move Writing Workshop helped me to trust my voice, and to believe that my story was important. GG showed me that even if my efforts only affected a small few, my heart would feel the effect of freedom the most!" - Brandy Nickens

"Words That Move was an excellent workshop. From week 1, I was in awe at the generosity of resources and activities offered to supplement our learning . Every subsequent week was equally robust - providing thought-provoking,  challenging activities, and prompts. GG was a knowledgeable and gracious facilitator and provided for a comfortable environment for us to work interactively and receive useful feedback. I can't wait to invest in her next workshop. " - Yolanda Bradley-Crocker

"I am so so so glad I took your workshop!  I’ve invested in my fair share of courses and such that have benefited me in other areas of my life. They’ve been engaging and all, but none of them have made my heart as full as your workshop has!  Writing has always been a necessity in my life, but I lost my writing voice while on my journey to develop myself as a brand and trying to figure out all of this technical blogging business mumbo jumbo.  It literally, physically hurt me to not be able to write how I used to. Writer’s block was not only frustrating, but I felt empty and lost. Almost as if I truly did lose all ways of communicating.  There were things I wanted to get out of my system but didn’t know how to anymore, and it left me feeling mentally and spiritually clogged up.  But you are the glamorous and nurturing Drain-O to my nasty stubborn hairball!

You not only helped me embrace that I am indeed a writer (important for anyone who struggles with calling themselves this), but all of your practices within each workbook REALLY got the juices flowing for me!  Can I say that I’m actually overwhelmed in the best way possible with all the ways I can get things out of my system? I have SO many things to turn to when I want to write, and they’re absolutely appreciated to the fullest.  It actually makes me wanna find more time and things to write about just so I can do as many of the practices as possible!" - Cierra Mercier

"I would most definitely recommend this course for anyone looking to spark the writing bug. I had serious writer's block and GG helped me face fears and insecurities that I didn't even realize were holding me back. In short this course is reflective, self-awakening and inspiring!" - Juliet Marie

"Words that Move is a great course. GG Renee put a lot of work, insight, and care into it. I looked forward to the weekly emails because the subjects and messages were right on time and spoke to my soul. The fellow writers were great also. I so loved the office hour calls, audios, and especially the workbooks. Everything resonated with me and I received so many ahas in writing and business. GG Renee epitomizes vulnerability and strength and has created a space that allows others to tap deep into their unique style of self expression. I've always wanted to take a GG Renee course since I have been following her and now that I have, I am glad I did. A wonderful experience."   - Sharisa T. Robertson

"I feel like a curtain just came down and the words are happy to come out. I am writing daily and scribbling notes often. I get inspired through sight and feel more confident in me sharing my writing. Loving this workshop!" - Mari Corona

"Words That Move helped me to reconnect with the part of me that had the initial urge to write and share my voice and perspective. As a result of Words That Move, I can’t stop writing. When I sit down to write my thoughts flow freely. I no longer find myself judging my words and my ideas. I am writing down my thoughts again simply because they are mine. I enjoyed the community of the Facebook group, and I liked the weekly audio lessons. I would listen to the audio lessons on the go and after the lesson was over I would still be thinking about writing. The workbooks are visually pleasing. The exercises are inspiring and thought provoking. I like the quotes about writing that are before each lesson. I would recommend Words That Move to people who need inspiration to free the writer in them. I think that anyone who loves to write and to discuss the writing life would enjoy this course." - Ilea Eckhardt

"The Words That Move Workshop revived & enhanced my writing practice. While I still need to be more intentional about writing every day, my writing practice was enhanced by causing my imagination to be awoken & stretched by the prompts! Also, I want to write more prose: essays, short stories & maybe even a novel because of the examples & feedback from others in our group!

I would recommend this writing course to anyone who: wants to explore their writing voice, wants to remove writing under pressure/perception of others to gauge your authenticity & for those who enjoy interactive writing communities! 

The course helped me want to write differently. Some of the prompts were given as one word & we were to run with it - those exercises helped me to write outside of my norm.

My favorite part of the course was the built in aspect of the workshop's community. I loved the capability to reach out and read others' work as they were being stretched, just as much as I was. The chats/Q&As were also great!"  -  De'Nita Moss

You know that feeling you get when you read something that speaks to your soul?  

Or the way you feel when someone describes something you've experienced in a way that makes you feel like they are reading your thoughts?

When a writer’s words connect with our hearts, our point of view, our vulnerable places -- we feel drawn in and we want more. When we discover that we can create this resonance with our own words, a light is sparked that is impossible to put out.

Writers NEED to write.

If we don’t, we go through life feeling like something is missing.

Self-doubt is the #1 reason that many writers don't write.

We question our relevance, if our stories matter and if our writing is good enough.

We think that no one will be able to relate to what we’re saying and how we say it.

But the craving doesn't go away.

For the past five years, I've worked with dozens of women who wanted use writing to reconnect with their creativity and find the courage to live more fully expressed lives.

Words That Move was inspired by all the women who have repeatedly told me that they feel something huge inside that they just don't know how to express.   Women who want to say something with their lives but aren't sure what they want to say.  I remember feeling that way and how I wrote my way out of the confusion and into a writing career that challenges and fulfills me.

My approach to creative coaching is to:

+  Address the limiting beliefs and fears that are in the way, so the unique perspective that is already inside of you can be revealed and elevated.

+  Show you practical ways to infuse your unique writing voice into your current life, career and social presence.

+  Provide a safe space for mutual connection, inspiration and accountability between like-minded writers.

What is different about this writing course?

I believe that knowing and accepting yourself and your point of view is essential to any kind of writing.  So not only will you learn specific techniques and strategies for both private and public writing, but you will also get a hearty dose of advice on self-possession, creative living and paving your own path as a writer and expressive voice. 


WEEK ONE:   live. love. write.

Self-Discovery & Storytelling

+  5 Solid Reasons to Call Yourself a Writer (Even if You’ve Never Published a Word)

+  What Meditation, Running and Sex Have to Do With Writing

+  A Key Distinction That Will Free Your Mind and Make It Easier for You to Write for Yourself and Others

The Muse, the Critic and the Space in Between

+  Finding Your Way Back to the Playground

+  6 Creative Blocks and How to Love Your Way Through Them

Case Studies, Examples and Templates

+  How to Optimize a Journal Entry

+  Your Lens: Making a Common Topic Unique and Authentic

+  Why You Need a Manifesto & How to Write It 

WEEK TWO:    listen. practice. flow.

Your Voice and Your Message

+  Stop Ignoring Me! How to Honor What Every Part of You Wants to Say

+  2 Simple Steps to Being an Expert on Any and Every Topic

Doing it and Doing it and Doing it

+  5 Ways to Experiment with your Voice

+  How to Read Like a Writer

Everything Out of the Way

+  The Simple but Magical Shift That Lets the Truth Come Out

+  4 Ways to Make Your Point of View Crystal Clear

Case Studies, Examples and Templates 

+  Before and After: Telling Your Story and Solving a Problem

+  Break It Down: How a Confessional Essay Can Start a Ripple Effect

+  Writing an About Page That Turns Visitors into Subscribers

WEEK THREE:    connect. create. engage.

How Does it Feel?

+  The Give and Take: You, Yourself, and Your Reader

+  How to Write Like a Reader

Serve it Up

+  The Right Platform & The Right Audience

+  How to Lose Your Reader Before They Even Start Reading

Case Studies, Examples and Templates 

+  Touch Me Without Making Me Feel Dirty (or, How to Persuade with Integrity) {click for sample page}

+  Hello, Please Remember Me: An Elevator Pitch That Leaves an Impression 

WEEK FOUR:    review. rewrite. revise.

Step away, Step away, Step Away Now

+  The Easy-to-Overlook Step That Makes the Difference Between Good and Great {sample page}

+  3 Ways to Review and Enhance Your Draft

Reconsider Everything

+  Stay with Me: 4 Ways to Make Your Piece Reader-Friendly and Compelling to the End

+  4 Ways to Get Constructive Feedback 

Case Studies, Examples and Templates

+  Getting Uncomfortable to Get Comfortable:  Conflict & Vulnerability

+  The Moving Line Between Poetry and Absurdity

+  Tips & Techniques for Creating a Writing Routine


"This class was amazing. I haven't written this much in a long time and I am making it a habit to incorporate writing into my daily practices as the course intended. It helped me be more honest in my writing and realized that I hold back even in personal writing in my journal out of fear. But once I shook that idea, the words started flowing. I experienced the therapeutic effects of writing. I wasn't doing that before. I don't think there's anything that I would change about this course. Thank you for being transparent. It's been an awesome experience and I'm glad I made this investment."  -  Kaylia  Fontenot

"The course helped me overcome my disconnect to writing. I would recommend this course to anyone who questions the call to be a writer. My favorite part of the course was the warm welcome and sense of family, the interaction and nurturing support of my fellow writers, and the gentle insightful nudges from our awesome instructor!" - Ava Griffith

"First I want to start off by saying THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! This course was the kick in the butt I needed and provided me with a whole bunch of other stuff that I'd either forgotten or never knew. Prior to this course I had stopped my blog because I was no longer feeling it and wasn't receiving feedback in the manner I thought I should have been. That also caused me to stop contributing to various online pubs. I also have a middle-grade fiction manuscript that has garnered interest from a few publishing houses, but I stopped working on it too.

I got to a point where I disliked writing. I now know I was looking for satisfaction from other people, rather than finding it within myself.

The desire to write never left me. So when I saw you promoting this course online I knew I had to take it, and I am glad I did.

The class assignments really made me open up and write from a deeper perspective. It has also inspired me to start the revision process for my manuscript. One thing my editor keeps telling me is that I have to show, instead of tell. This course helped me understand how to do that. And I was very thankful that you touched on that at various points in the course. A lot of what I learned and was reminded of will be of great use once I get back to revising my manuscript.

I am all-around inspired and excited to write again, not for other people but for myself. Two great things happened for me in this course.

1- Reading the work of the other ladies in the course was helpful in understanding that I am not alone in my struggle to write or my struggles in life.

2- Stream of consciousness and the brain dump. I have done both every day since reading about it in WK 1. I found this to be a great way for me to just get stuff off my mind and write how I feel without worrying about my feelings being judged.  Again, thank you so much!" - Tamika Burgess