Wallflower (PDF Version)

Wallflower (PDF Version)

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"Just because you are quiet, does not mean that you don't want to be heard. Just because you are afraid, doesn't mean that you are weak. With prompts and insights to guide you, this book will help you peel back your layers to reveal your most fundamental fears and desires. With this awareness, you will be better positioned to channel your energy in meaningful ways and reveal the soulful, expressive woman that already lives within you."    

Wallflower is a book of essays for women who have gone through life thinking that something is wrong with them because they are introverted and reflective in nature. From shy beginnings and limiting beliefs to anxiety and the awkwardness of self-promotion, I offer advice to women who want to express themselves creatively but are afraid to draw attention to themselves and be vulnerable.

"From the first time I was introduced to GG Renee's writing, it felt like she was speaking on my behalf. We have a lot of similarities, maybe not in experience but in the way our experiences made us feel. Like a puzzle piece that got thrown in with the wrong puzzle, I spent most of my life always feeling like an outsider to others. In her book, GG give examples from her life, but she also gives suggestions on how you can embrace who you are and still be comfortable in the presence of others. This book doesn't disappoint. It's intellectual, clear and to the point, but it's still deep enough to help you make the decision to finally be comfortable with yourself."  - S.Hood

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