how realness and wellness go together

Life is painful when you don't feel free to be yourself.  

When imagination is suppressed and misdirected, creative energy becomes anxiety.  Wearing a mask, pretending to be unbothered, while inside you're crumbling.   No release for the truth stuck in your throat.  Feeling out of place and misunderstood, struggling to keep up.   In your heart you know who you are, but your mind throbs with doubt.  

Embarrassed because you feel so deeply, twisted because you see everything differently,  ashamed because you feel incomplete.   Searching for the words that are just beyond your reach.   No peace to be found in who you are or who you've been.

Life is confusing when you say one thing and feel another.

Knowing that your truth is always the answer but afraid to feel the weight of it.  Pretending to have it all together, when you don't.  Wanting to fall apart, when you think you can't.  Dying to dance, but standing still.  Afraid to make a sound, start a wave, be seen. Surviving without purpose, speaking without voice.  Unaware of your power, fighting against yourself.  

Life shifts when you start choosing yourself.

Because realness and wellness go together.  Authenticity heals.  It's time to love yourself the way you are, not the way you think you should be.   It's time to experience the world in a way that feels natural and indulge in what inspires you.  You will feel more peaceful, focused, and present when your life matches your authentic flow. 

Writing is a way to access deep joy and serenity that has been suppressed over time.  The demands of adulthood make us so serious and anti-play.  Creativity brings back that childlike wonder, the freedom to imagine and explore just for the sake of discovery and pleasure.  In the process, your truth is getting louder and healing is taking place.

This is just the surface.  To dig deeper and learn new ways to use writing as a self-discovery tool, find out more about my self-study writing courses here.