are you avoiding eye contact?


Have you ever talked to someone who wouldn’t look you in the eye? 

They look above, behind or around you. It feels like they are talking at you and not to you. You have trouble connecting with their words, you are not sure what they are trying to say or if they even care that you aren’t getting it. They indulge in too many details or they jump around and you can’t follow what they’re saying. They seem stiff and detached.  They leave you feeling bored, disconnected, eager to move on to something else.

Now think of a time when you talked to someone engaging, who spoke warmly and looked you in the eye. 

You could tell they were invested in sharing something with you and creating a situation where you both walk away feeling that a genuine exchange has occurred. You were inspired by their words and presence, stirred by simply talking to them.  You can feel their energy.

Considering these two examples, think about what kind of writer you want to be.  

In this online world we live in, everyone is dealing with information overload. There is a never-ending flow of content thrown at us every day and we’ve learned to filter through it by skimming and scanning. 

We are pulled in by visuals, engaging language, unique personalities, stories.  

We are not pulled in by content that doesn't look us in the eye and make us feeling something.  

Does your personality come through when you write? Do you know how to get your reader's attention and keep it so they don’t miss out on your message? 

Think of it this way: is love being left out of your written communication? It doesn’t have to be. You can infuse your words with love by showing your personality -- what you believe in, what you want to change, what you’re passionate about, what frustrates you, what keeps you up at night – engaging reveals and shares in your unique voice that connect and make the reader feel like they know you.

We talk all about this in my Words That Move Writing Workshop where you will learn specific techniques to connect with your ideal reader, how to write from the heart and infuse your words with personality.  Plus much more.   You can read the full course outline here.